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National Tutoring Programme

We at York Maths Tutor have been chosen as a DfE-approved tuition provider for the National Tutoring Programme as part of the MME group. Only subject teachers through schools can enrol children in this, so it cannot be done by parents. NTP tutoring through MME is being offered for maths, English and science with the targets being GCSE aged students. This comes with hope that it may be expanded in the future. Any parent who is interested in this, we encourage you to approach your school directly about it and ask about MME as the provider.

We are sure you may have many further questions about it, so here are a few common ones answered:

What is the National Tutoring Programme?

It is a government funded initiative with the goal of helping schools with tuition to improve the outcomes of learning. The main objective of this was to make sure children have a way of catching up after the pandemic, but it has been extended after the tuition proved to have a great effect.

How does the NTP funding work?

Each school is allocated £162 per pupil that is eligible for Pupil Premium. Any student can use this as part of the NTP. The funding is released in April, September and December so 3 times throughout the year. 60% of the tuition costs can be claimed by schools up to a maximum of £18 per hour per student.

Is the NTP tuition online or in person and is it in groups?

There are numerous options for learners. They can go through with 1-2-1 in person tuition and even online group lessons. In person 1-2-1 tuition will definitely be more expensive though so please keep that in mind.

How does the dfe national tutoring programme make a difference?

The programme has had a great impact on GCSE students who are really benefiting from this initiative.

How does our school enrol for the NTP?

This can be done through a provider like MME. They will take you through the process of what needs to be done.

Please get in touch for further information on NTP and any qualification questions you may have.


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