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City and Guilds Functional Skills 

York Maths Tutors helps people to prepare for City and Guilds functional skills exams. The City and Guilds Functional Skills exam are offered as an alternative to the other functional skills exams that MME provide. The main difference with this specific functional skills exam is that it is monitored and marked by the exam board City and Guilds. This means that your qualification will be awarded by City and Guilds, which you may need as some colleges and universities may require a qualification from a specific exam board. Otherwise, you may just want to choose City and Guilds as a preference.

The exam itself is very similar to other functional skills exams, as they cover the same curriculum and offer the same subjects; Maths and English. Each subject that is available to sit is also available at both levels 1 and 2, so you can choose which exam would suit you best.

In order to help you prepare for these exams, our team at York Maths Tutor have assembled a collection of past papers for you to use to practice, free of charge. The past papers can be found on the MME website, and are available at both levels 1 and 2 and for Maths and English. These past papers should give you a better idea of what the real exams will be like, and get you familiar with what kind of questions will be asked of you on the day of your City and Guilds Functional Skills exam.

With the past papers that are available to you along with the other services we provide, you should have everything you need to pass your exams.

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