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​The new 9-1 GCSE Computer Science course is quite challenging. From learning code to understanding algorithms, there are many aspects of the course that children find challenging. One of the best learning resources out there to help children to develop their skills and understand what examiners are looking for are the past examination papers. 

Go to the Maths Made Easy GCSE computer science dedicated page for great revision materials and of of the GCSE computer science past papers.

Kids Coding Class is a platform for kids and adults that want to challenge themselves and expand their knowledge with codes; they will teach you programming languages like HTML, CSS and even JavaScript. Kids Coding Class gives you the opportunity to learn different programming languages for free where you will become a pro with creating a website from scratch as well as learning to become a WordPress master. They also give you access to a Google SEO course that has been created by an SEO expert with detailed explanations of search engine optimisation works. 

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