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QTS Numeracy Skills Tutors in York 

QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) or Professional Skills Tests are prerequisites for almost every university course relevant to working with children. Most people undertake the QTS Maths test at an older age and often realise they have gaps in their Maths knowledge as they sat their GCSE Maths a few years ago and haven't covered it since. 

York Maths Tutor is able to provide QTS Maths tuition for people preparing to sit the numeracy skills test. As failure on the third attempt results in the candidate having to wait a further two years before they can have another attempt, many people have found having a QTS Maths tutor for the numeracy skills test, a huge help in helping to get their numeracy ready.  

The QTS Maths test itself is a similar difficulty level to GCSE Maths; however some people experience difficulties with certain aspects of the Maths test, in particular the timed mental arithmetic maths questions.

Initially, our York QTS Maths tutors will try to fill any gaps in your Maths knowledge and then focus on exam technique, giving you the best possible preparation. We have an excellent success rate when it comes down to QTS Maths passes even when candidates approach us after their second attempt. Passing the numeracy skills test is all about getting the methods correct, then practising until they become second nature; this takes the pressure off during the exam.  


If you are looking specifically for online QTS Maths tuition then visit the QTS Maths Tutor website. There are a umber of numeracy skills practise test providers out there who claim to get your numeracy ready. We have found that ga educadium or are ones to be avoided as they don't offer a free test before you pay and they have no independently verified reviews. The QTS Maths Tutor skills test practice resources 

If you are looking for a QTS Maths tutor in the York area, then please don’t hesitate to contact York Maths Tutor for some additional information or to book a tutor directly. For all other numeracy skills test related services including: numeracy skills test books, revision materials, qts maths tests, professional numeracy skills test government solutions and model solutions for practice tests QTS Maths Tutor. You can go here to find a QTS Maths Tutor discount code

Which Numeracy Skills Books do we recommend ?

Many prospective teachers often ask what the best resources are to get you started with professional skills test revision. Well on top of the government tests, YouTube videos and the QTS Maths Tutor tests, there are also numeracy skills books which can be a good introduction into the course. The qts books offer an alternative to on screen revision so if you travel to work or want to reduce your screen time then a book can be useful. We are happy to recommend the QTS Maths Tutor numeracy skills test book, which covers all aspects of the mental arithmetic section and written data section of the maths skills test. It is recommended number 1 in their top 10 qts skills test books.

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