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If you are looking for a GCSE Maths tutor in York or for some A Level Maths tuition, then York Maths Tutor can help! Our expert Maths tutors are qualified, DBS checked and have a proven track record of success at every level. We provide expert one to one Maths tuition for KS2, KS3, GCSE and A Level. Our York Maths tutors help children of all ages and abilities by improving confidence and revision techniques.

To book a Maths tutor or for more information about how our service works then get in touch. We also offer Functional Skills Level 2 support through our expert tutors. 

York Maths Tutor's New Online Tuition Partner

At York Maths Tutor, we acknowledge the importance of embracing the digital age in education. As online learning takes a front seat in the academic world, we're proud to announce our partnership with The Exam Tutor as our premier online tuition collaborator. For students seeking the versatility and adaptability of online learning, this partnership promises quality and convenience.

At York Maths Tutor, our goal is to provide students with top-notch educational resources. This is why we recommend The Exam Tutor. They get that each student has their own learning style, challenges, and objectives. With this in mind, they work to ensure a custom-fit and effective learning experience for all, helping students achieve their best, regardless of where they currently stand academically.

A standout quality of The Exam Tutor is their rigorous tutor selection process. It's not just about subject expertise; every tutor is a certified teacher with a lot of practical experience. And for added peace of mind, all tutors undergo a DBS check.

Apart from traditional one-on-one sessions, The Exam Tutor offers special group sessions. Guided by experienced educators, these sessions focus on key topics essential for exam success.

Their commitment extends beyond just tuition. They offer a valuable complimentary educational consultancy service, a treasure trove for both students and guardians. This service provides expert academic insights, aids in organizing exam sessions, and offers strategic guidance for future academic paths.

At York Maths Tutor, our association with The Exam Tutor stems from a shared dedication to academic excellence. We wholeheartedly vouch for their services for those eager to augment their online academic journey.

How to Book a Tutor?

Step 1.

Step 2.

We match you with an expert Maths tutor based on your child's needs. The tutor will travel to you to deliver face to face maths tuition.

Step 3.

Arrange a date for the first lesson to take place. No contracts, no upfront fees, just exceptional maths tuition.

Functional Skills Level 2 Maths and English

Functional skills are the ideal alternative to a GCSE. They start with the first two levels of entry grades and work up to a level 2 functional skills qualification which is equivalent to a GCSE grade C or level 4. These qualifications enable students to gain access to university courses and higher education. Here at York Maths Tutors, we understand how important it is to make sure you pass your exams, this is why we offer dedicated tutors who will work closely with you to help prepare for your exam. We also collaborate with a provider of the exams and courses to make sure we can offer all the support our leaners will need. The links below will help you book your exam and allows you to revise for your exam. 

Functional skills maths level 2 online exam and support service.

Functional skills English level 2 online exam booking service.

Functional skills maths level 2 resources, course and past papers.

All functional skills English level 2 support, resources and much more.

There is also GCSE resits to consider which include GCSE maths retakes and English exams

York Maths Tutor Testimonials

Average Tuition Feedback Score: 


Elizabeth R

GCSE Maths Tuition York

"Thank you every so much Liam for your hard work and continued support with our son. Max achieved a level 8 and we are so happy. All those late evening lessons suddenly feel so worth it! I will be sure to recommend you and York Maths Tutors to my friends and close family." Elizabeth

Terry M

GCSE Maths Tuition York

"When my son started his GCSE's we looked for a tutor who could help support him with Maths. Our first meeting with Kalpita, she spoke to Joe to make sure he understood the commitment he would need to give and that this was very much a two way thing. My son had two years in total with Kalpita the first year being subject specific the second being more mentoring where Joe could flag any problem areas and concentrate on specifics if he was finding anything particularly challenging. He found the her tutoring sessions enjoyable, he could relate to Kalpita and found her method of teaching made problem areas so much easier. Kalpita also gave him great advice on revision and exam technique. With the new Maths GCSE we were concerned at the changes and what that would mean to his expected grades. We were all delighted when he achieved an 8 (A*) and we do believe we have Kalpita to thank for helping him do that.Thanks again Kalpita, we shall be sure to contact you again now he is embarking on his A-Levels."

Ben S

KS2 Maths Tuition York

"I have a young daughter who struggles with Maths so we booked a KS2 Maths tutor. We are delighted with the service and tuition she receives. The tutor travels to our house and is excellent with our daughter. We would highly recommend York maths tutor"

Julie W

GCSE Maths Tuition York

"Thank you for all of your help this year with the Maths tuition you have provided for both of my Son's. They are now confident with algebra and are towards the top of their respective Maths classes. It is a subject that both boys now genuinely enjoy. Thanks again."

Robert T

A Level Maths Tuition York

"Ben has been absolutely brilliant in explaining all of the key topics and question types and helping me to improve my exam technique and the way I approach the questions worth more marks. This has helped me to access the higher grades in my most recent mock exams. I would highly recommend Ben for A level maths tuition." 


Beth H

KS3 Maths Tuition York

"Harry has always lacked confidence in maths since a very young age and upon entering secondary school we decided to look for some additional support. We were placed with David from York Maths Tutor who has been a breath of fresh air. He has helped build up Harry's confidence which has resulted in him moving classes where he now covers more advanced maths. This is a massive relief as we know how important it is to be in a good set when entering your GCSE years. We would like to thank you for matching Harry with David as this is clearly working and we look forward to seeing his continued improvement

Abbie R

QTS Maths Tuition York

"I cannot thank Keir enough for the help and support he gave me whilst revising for my QTS numeracy test. I had my tutoring by Skype twice a week and found this a really useful way to be able to fit this around university etc. Keir always had great availability and provided lots of useful tips and tricks to help me pass this test. I had previously taken these test 3 years ago and failed my 3 attempts by one mark each time so I was really apprehensive about this attempt, but with the help from Keir after 6 weeks of tutoring I managed to pass first time. I really cannot thank Keir enough for all he did in our lessons, his method of teaching worked really well for me and I am now feeling more confident in aspects of everyday mathematical use too. I highly recommend Keir and York maths Tutor's to anyone who thinks they are struggling with their maths QTS. I never thought I could pass and today I did! Best wishes" 

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About York Maths Tutor 

We are a tutoring agency based in York, who provide excellent Maths tuition to students of all ages and abilities. At York Maths Tutor, our main aims are to improve confidence, exam performance and to further our pupils understanding of mathematics in general. Our York Maths tutors look to enhance children's exam technique and revision skills which can be applied to other subject areas. 

We offer Maths tuition at all levels from Key Stage Two tuition all the way up to GCSE Maths and A Level Maths tuition. York Maths Tutor also specialises in QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) Numeracy exam support to help prospective teachers pass the numeracy skills test. Whatever your ability in Maths our tutors have the passion and knowledge to help you improve and gain confidence in what is considered the most challenging subject for many people. 

"Our GCSE and A Level Maths Tutors deliver exceptional exam results year after year"

At York Maths Tutor we have a simple approach when it comes to one-to-one tuition. We assess which topic areas students are having the most difficulty with, focusing on rebuilding confidence and developing the methods needed to succeed with exam style maths questions. 

A major focus of ours here at York Maths Tutor As so many students require assistance with this subject. Not only do we offer tuition sessions but we can recommend the best GCSE maths revision materials. These resources include things from worksheets, topic specific questions and revision cards. In order to ensure your childs prepares most effectively for their GCSE Maths exams, you should ensure they have access to the very best revision aids. If you require any further assistance, please contact us at York Maths Tutor 

We have a wide array of Maths tutors in York, from York teachers to tutors with advanced degrees in mathematics. At York Maths Tutor we understand, that every student is different and the significance of matching each student with an appropriate tutor. All of our maths tutors have lots of experience in private tutoring, along with extensive subject knowledge.

Our maths tutors in York will carefully plan each lesson tailoring them to the needs of each individual student. After each lesson feedback on how the student is progressing is provided, along with a piece of homework designed to reinforce the material covered.

Every tutor at York Maths Tutor holds an up to date DBS Certificate (formerly known as a CRB Check) and has undergone an interview and been individually assessed. Our Maths tutors have to meet rigorous standards, meaning you can have confidence in the tutors we supply. This is the same for other agencies we operate; Harrogate Tutors and Skipton Tutors.

About Maths Tuition in York

Our Maths tutors simplify complex problems and teach them in a way which helps students to understand even if they struggle with Maths. Maths at GCSE is heavily reliant on understanding the basics of algebra. Topics such as Vectors, Trigonometry, Sine rule and many others rely on algebra techniques. Our Maths tutors understand the importance of cementing the basics before challenging students with topics such as Vectors and algebraic fractions. The maths methods that we tutor ensure that even if a topic is really difficult, a student can follow the steps and the method and still find the correct solution to the problem. For more information on our Maths tuition or any of our Maths tutors in York, then please contact us today.

Experienced Tutors 
Private Maths tuition
Tuition tailored around you
Competitive prices
GCSE Maths Revision Materials and A Level Maths Resources

At York Maths Tutor we are part of a group who provide free academic revision materials for all children. Our focus is on GCSE Maths revision materials and A Level Maths resources. We work with Math Made Easy to build exceptional Maths revision materials that are easily accessible. From all of the GCSE Maths past papers for AQA, OCR and Edexcel to A Level Maths OCR MEI resources for the new A Level Maths course, everything can be accessed in one easy to use website. In addition to this if you are looking for a GCSE Maths tutor in Leeds their team can provide this service as well. 

In the past A level Maths was taken by students who would consider themselves as mathematicians. Many of these students still struggled with A level Maths simply because it is a very challenging and demanding subject with great depth. Now many more people are taking A level Maths. It may be a surprise to some but the most recent data shows that Maths is the most selected subject at A level. This is due to the shift that we are seeing in A level subjects in general. More people are selecting academic A levels as the expectations of the top universities are increasing with ever increasing competition; therefore it is not only the grades they look at but the subjects selected, with A level Maths standing out on any UCAS application. Our York A level Maths tutors understand the importance of getting off to the best start in year 12 as this will determine predicted grades and ultimately help secure offers from  universities. After a student has an offer it is then ensuring they achieve the mark in their final A level Maths exams. York Maths Tutors will do everything we can to help our pupils to achieve the best possible marks in their Maths exams. You can also be reassured that our tutors have experience of teaching core, mechanics and statistics unlike many school teachers in York who, through the old A Level maths curriculum, may not have taught statistics or mechanics for many years which is why we are seeing so many students now struggling with the new A Level Maths course. 


Contact us today for more information about our A level Maths tuition in York. We now also offer A Level Further Maths tuition in York with expert tutors dedicated to this subject and all the relevant optional modules. More information on this service can be found on our A Level Further Maths tuition page. 

GCSE Maths tuition is the most popular request that York Maths Tutor gets. Our GCSE Maths tutors are well versed in the differences between exam boards such as AQA and OCR, and are confident with delivering the most recent changes to the GCSE Maths syllabus. Our GCSE Maths tutors appreciate the difficulties that many students have when it comes to Maths. From complex algebra to vectors and proof, there are many typical areas of GCSE Maths that students tend to struggle with. Our GCSE Maths tutors have the experience and know how to identify these areas of weakness very quickly and put a plan in to place to make swift improvements. For a GCSE Maths tutor in York, or to enquire about our tuition services in the York area, contact us.

QTS Maths Tutors in York | Numeracy Skils Test Tuition

York Maths tutors provide teachers and tutors with years of experience of helping aspiring teachers succeed in gaining their qualified teacher status by passing the maths skills portion of the exam. York maths tutors have a proven track record of success with QTS maths tuition, helping every student overcome any difficulties they may have with the QTS maths test

Click here to read more on QTS Maths tuition with York Maths Tutor. If you are looking for a free numeracy skills practise test which we are happy to recommend then visit their site. There are a number of online numeracy skills test providers such as numeracy ready and g and a numerical but they don't have independent reviews and having seen their tests we do not believe they are good value for money. GCSE maths revision cards and flash cards

KS3 Maths is a subject and level that is underestimated in terms of its importance. The concepts taught at KS3 are built upon at GCSE; therefore understanding these key fundamentals sooner rather than later is crucial. Our York Maths tutors take our KS3 pupils through the curriculum ensuring they are confident with each and every key concept. This then helps students within their Maths lessons at school very quickly as the ground covered in a one to one lesson is usually 5-6 times the material covered in one Maths lesson at school. Once these key concepts are in place our Maths tutors will look to stretch their pupil to extent of their ability and this will often mean moving onto GCSE Material once the student is competent with the KS3 material. Again, it can't be overstated, KS3 is so important in putting in the building blocks and foundations that GCSE Maths is then built upon. If you are looking for a KS3 Maths tutor in York, then contact, York Maths Tutor.

Key Stage Two Maths is where most of us were first introduced to Maths in an academic setting. From simple multiplication to long division, the techniques and methods learnt in KS2 Maths set the foundations for future success in the subject. York Maths Tutor's Maths tutors know this and therefore ensure that our KS2 Maths pupils enjoy the subject and feel confident to learn. If you are looking for a Maths tutor in York then contact us today. 

Other Services

At York Maths Tutor we promise that we will always provide the best Maths focused tutoring service we can. More than that, we promise that our Maths tutors will be passionate with every student at every age group regardless of ability. We want to see all of our Maths students progress and reach their potential. Whether it is KS2 Maths or GCSE Maths, our tutors will endeavour to help our students to succeed. In addition to this we are happy to recommend a number of other tuition and resource services:

- Leeds Maths Tutor - Provides GCSE and A Level maths tuition in Leeds. 

-Take a look at MME'S own reviews.

-KPMG Numerical reasoning tests

- Online practice test for the professional QTS Skills Tests

- Science and English tutors in York. 

- Maths Tutors in Skipton and surrounding areas. 

- Maths resources and maths revision cards

- GCSE Equivalent help for Maths and English. 

More Reviews of York Maths Tutor

""I have a young daughter who struggles with Maths so we booked a KS2 Maths tutor. We are delighted with the service and tuition she receives. The tutor travels to our house and is excellent with our daughter. We would highly recommend York maths tutor"

Ben Stamp, York

"Thank you for all of your help this year with the Maths tuition you have provided for both of my Son's. They are now confident with algebra and are towards the top of their respective Maths classes. It is a subject that both boys now genuinely enjoy. Thanks again." 

Julie Wilkins, Harrogate

"I cannot thank Keir enough for the help and support he gave me whilst revising for my QTS numeracy test. I had my tutoring by Skype twice a week and found this a really useful way to be able to fit this around university etc. Keir always had great availability and provided lots of..."

Abbie Ramskill

York Maths Tutors Blog
York Maths Tutor FAQs

What is meant by levels 9-1 with the new GCSE Maths?

It is the new grading system used for nearly all GCSE subjects now. Level 9 is a new grade which is above the old A* and level  4-5 is equivalent to a C. The GCSE Maths curriculum and grading system have had a number of large changes in recent years which are discussed in more detail on our York GCSE Maths page.

Do you offer tuition for the numeracy skills test?

Yes we have specialist numeracy skills tutors and along with our partners at QTS Maths Tutor, we can offer an exceptional numeracy skills service which includes qts maths tuition from experts along with the leading numeracy skills resources to help you to pass. 

Do your Maths tutors in York travel?

Yes our expert York Maths tutors travel to most areas in and around York.

When is the best time to book a maths tutor?

This really depends on the needs of the individual student. In most cases booking a tutor at the start of a new academic year is preferable as they then have time to go through the entire course with the pupil instead of trying to play catch up.

Which secondary schools have you experience with?

Our maths tutors in York have experience in tutoring children from all of the secondary schools in your so they are familiar with the exam boards and specifications covered and the challenges that each local school face. We have tutored children from the following schools: 

All Saints Roman Catholic School:


  • Archbishop Holgate's Church of England School

  • Fulford School

  • Huntington School

  • Joseph Rowntree School

  • Manor Church of England Academy

  • Millthorpe School

  • Vale of York Academy

  • York High School

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Contact York Maths Tutor today and we will get back to you within 24 hrs 

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