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GCSE Maths Tutors in York

Maths is a subject a lot of people have difficulties with. It is also one of the most important subjects students learn at school. A Maths GCSE is one of the most sought after qualifications both for employers and universities.


In the last couple of years there have been a lot of changes to GCSE Maths, designed to test students’ mathematical abilities along with their problem solving skills. The style of the exam questions is also changing, meaning there are fewer short straight forward questions and more longer questions which require an added layer of understanding.

The GCSE Maths specification includes alterations to the style of questions, there are some new topics brought down from current A Level syllabuses including Venn Diagrams, Iterations and a small taste of A Level calculus in the form of functions. 


All of our maths tutors at York Maths Tutor are up to date with all of these changes and have familiarised themselves with all of the new material and the style of the questions in the new GCSE Maths specifications. 


We have found that maths is by far the most popular subject for which people look for extra help. We have helped students of all abilities with GCSE Maths, from those aiming for a level 4, to those aspiring to achieve the highest possible marks possible.


As with GCSE English, the grading system has changed. Instead of students being awarded a letter grade (ranging from a U to an A*), they will now be given a number using the new 9-1 grading system. The new system has been designed to provide further differentiation between the most able of candidates, only the most capable of candidates will achieve a 9 grade, effectively creating a higher grade beyond the current A*. The changes to the grading system will, in the coming years, be brought in for all GCSE subjects, as well as GCSE Maths and GCSE English.


We have a team of dedicated maths tutors with a wealth of experience of teaching both the Higher and Foundation tiers of GCSE Maths. We also have tutors available for GCSE Statistics as well as GCSE Further Maths.


At York Maths Tutor, we understand that not everyone can achieve a Level 9, however we will ensure students are stretched enough for them to reach their potential. All of our GCSE Maths tutors strive to build students’ confidence and address any gaps in knowledge or misconceptions students may have.

For those who are preparing to retake GCSE Maths then there is a specialist service that we recommend. This is a GCSE maths resit tuition service that provides resources and one to one support specifically for people who have struggled to pass their exam on a previous attempt and are now preparing for a GCSE maths retake. Find the GCSE Maths retake resources here


£40 per hour
GCSE Maths 
GCSE Maths Tuition Locations

York Maths Tutor provides GCSE Maths Tuition in York and the surrounding areas. 

Tutors in Fulford

Tutors in Heslington

Tutors in Haxby

Tutors in Poppleton

Tutors in Wigginton

Tutors in Copmanthorpe

Tutors in Acomb

Tutors in Skelton

York Schools and GCSE Maths


GCSE Maths - AQA

GCSE Further Maths - AQA


St Peters

GCSE Maths - Edexcel

GCSE Further Maths - AQA



GCSE Maths - Edexcel

GCSE Further Maths - N/A


Joseph Rowntree

GCSE Maths - AQA

GCSE Further Maths - AQA


Manor Church of England Academy

GCSE Maths - AQA

GCSE Further Maths - N/A


All Saints Roman Catholic School

GCSE Maths - Edexcel

GCSE Further Maths - N/A


York College

GCSE Maths - Edexcel

GCSE Further Maths - N/A



GCSE Maths - Edexcel

GCSE Further Maths - N/A


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What are the common GCSE Maths topics that students struggle with?

The topics students struggle with varies but 3 common ones are how to calculate a percentage, the cosine rule and trigonometry. How to calculate a percentage is crucial in GCSE as it appears in many sub topics such as percentage change and calculating original values. Both the cosine rule and trigonometry are triangle rules which also play a significant part in the GCSE maths syllabus. 

What other changes have been made to the GCSE Maths course?

There have been a number of changes made to the GCSE Maths curriculum including the addition of new topics such as iteration, more challenging proof questions, functions and venn diagrams. In addition to the new topics there are also many new questions types and a different exam paper structure. There are now 3 exam papers with two calculators, one of which is classed as a problem solving paper which is totally new to GCSE Maths. Grades will be awarded based on the total scored across all 3 GCSE Maths papers.

Why is GCSE Maths now graded 1-9?

The government's decision to change the GCSE Maths grading system was partly based on the number of students achieving higher grades with nothing to differentiate the outstanding students from extremely good students. With the new level 9, it is thought that as little as 1-2% of students will achieve this grade and will therefore make them standout as the most gifted mathematicians. 

Do you have GCSE Maths tutors in York?

Yes we have GCSE Maths tutors in York who travel to our students in York and surrounding villages. to play catch up.We also have specialist GCSE Maths retake tutors who can help you to resit and pass your GCSE maths exams. 

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