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Functional Skills Level 2

Welcome to York Maths Tutors Functional Skills Level 2 page. Here, you will find all the information you may need about Functional Skills exams. Our job to provide you with outstanding tuition also extends to the Functional Skills exams, with tutors specialising specifically in Functional Skills Tuition.

Welcome to York Maths Tutors, this page will explain more about functional skills level 2. They offer exams in English and maths and they start from entry level 1 to level 2.

All of the functional skills levels show a good understanding. of maths and English and are equivalent to different grades. There are 3 entry grades and all of which make it easier to get onto the course for the next. The functional skills level 2 exam is equivalent to a GCSE grade C or level 4. This grade is a mandatory requirement to get onto a university course. Pass Functionals Skills offer Ofqual regulated exams and revision materials proven to help our learners. Pass Functional skills offers functional skills maths level 2 and functional skills English level 2. Contact Pass functional skills to book your exam today.

Exam Boards

The City and Guilds functional skills level 2 is one of the most popular exams that the largest exam board provides. They have hundreds of thousands of exams taken each year. There are loads of functional skills courses out there that you need to consider before booking the exam, however the curriculum is set by the UK government so there isn’t any difference between the exam boards that you use. We can also recommend both the Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Course and the Functional Skills English Level 2 Course, which both cover this curriculum. For additional support in your preparation, we can also recommend that you have a look at some Functional Skills Past Papers, which can help you get a better feeling for what the exam is going to be like. You can access both the Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Past Papers and the Functional Skills English level 2 Past Papers on the Pass Functional Skills website.


You are also able to purchase the Functional Skills exams via these pages:

Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Online Exam

Functional Skills English Level 2 Online Exam

There have been many questions about the functional skills qualifications. Below we have tried to answer the main questions to help you. 


What are functional skills?

Functional skills is a qualification that helps the learners to improve their maths and English. The level 2 qualification is accepted by universities.


Is there much of a difference between functional skills and GCSEs?

Yes there are some differences between the two exams. The GCSE exam has more contents that you need to learn compared to the functional skills exams.


Which out of the functional skills and GCSE exams is easier?

The exams depend on the person. If you prefer questions to be based on real life experiences then functional skills is the better exam for you but if you prefer contextualised based questions then GCSE exams are for you.


Can functional skills get you a Job?

Since the level 2 qualifications are a GCSE equivalent, employers and higher education courses accept them so yes you can.


What is the pass mark for the functional skills exams?

There isn’t really an exact percentage since it changes but depending on how difficult the paper depends on the percentage but the pass mark is normally around 50-60%.


How long does functional skills take to complete?

There is no set time, it all depends on each individual learner. York Maths Tutors will give each learner their own programme which will help determine how long it will take depending on your knowledge.


Can I get a free functional skills exam?

There is a criteria that the government has and if you fit it then yes you can get funding for the functional skills courses but not everyone will fit the criteria. One of the criteria is being 19 years or younger so if you are older, then you could look for another route such as apprenticeships otherwise you have to fund the course. MME provides the cheapest English functional skills exams online.


Can I take an online functional skills maths level 2 exam?

Yes, MME provides functional skills maths level 2 exams online.

If you still have questiosn that were not answered in the FAQs, or you're just a little bit confused about what Functional Skills are, then feel free to drop into the Functional Skills Support Group on Facebook. Both tutors and other learners help one another to prepare for their exams by asking questions. We highly recommend you have a look if you have any doubts about the exam.

If you are looking to take a Functional Skills exam, but would like to sit with a different provider, we can also recommend Pass Functional Skills for their outstanding service.

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