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Functional Skills English Level 2

York Maths Tutors helps people to prepare for Functional Skills English Level 2. By taking this exam, you will have the opportunity to earn a GCSE equivalent qualification in English which is highly desirable to both employers and universities across the UK. Many employers look to employ those who specifically have GCSE equivalents in both Maths and English, so by obtaining this qualification you significantly increase your chances of getting a job in the UK. In addition, many universities and colleges have entry requirements for their courses that require GCSE equivalents, so this qualification will certainly fulfil that role. 

The Functional Skills English Level 2 Online Exam that both our partners at MME and Pass Functional Skills provide offer you the opportunity to sit the online exam. This means that you are able to take the exam from anywhere you wish, as long as you have access to a computer with a working webcam and microphone and a stable internet connection. On the day of the exam, you will be emailed by an Ofqual-approved invigilator who will invite you to a video call to walk you through the setup of the exam.

The exam itself is in 3 parts; Reading, Writing and SLC. You will be required to pass all 3 parts to earn the qualification. Each of the 3 parts of the exam will be testing your knowledge and abilities of the English language in different ways. The first two parts, the Reading and Writing, will be sat back-to-back at 1 hour each for a total of 2 hours. The SLC, or the Speaking Listening and Communication, is the third part and will be sat with up to 3 other learners and will take roughly 1 hour. We recommend that you spend around 50-60 hours revising for your exams before sitting them. If you are struggling as to what to revise, we can recommend the Functional Skills English Level 2 Course provided by our partners, which covers all the content of the curriculum. Additionally, you can also access an abundance of Functional Skills Past Papers that vary in both level and exam board. You can find English past papers on the Functional Skills English Level 2 Past Papers page.

The Functional Skills English Level 2 Online Exam provided by our partners are available for purchase on their website, with prices as low as £225. Purchasing the exam will also grant you access to revision materials and an online course.

There is a variety of exam bodies that both MME and Pass Functional Skills support, the main exam body being OpenAwards. In Addition, both MME and Pass Functional Skills offer a wide range Mock Exams online to help you revise for your exam. There are a number of Functional skills past papers that are available such as Edexcel and City and Guilds among others. The papers have been curated to help provide the best papers for you and help give you the best chance of passing the exam.

Additional Information

Both Pass Functional Skills and MME offer support in the event that you don’t pass the exam. We understand that it can be costly and that the qualification means a lot to you, due to this both MME and Pass Functional Skills can offer a discounted resit to help you. The discounted cost for the resist is £175 and they will offer you additional support to help you in your next exam at no extra cost. Here at York Maths Tutors, we provide support for your exam through one to one sessions.

You can contact MME by calling them on 020 3633 5145 where you will speak to a member of their team or you can visit their website. Both of these options should give you more information about the Functional Skills English Level 2 Online Exam and revision materials, as well as booking your exam.

For Pass Functional Skills, you can contact them by calling 020 4574 9155 and they can help you book in your exam. If you would prefer to use their website, you can go to their Functional Skills English Level 2 Online Exam page.

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