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GCSE Maths Revision Cards

At the York Maths Tutors, we want to ensure that you are fully informed regarding everything to do with Maths in preparation for your Maths exams. When preparing to take your GCSE Maths exams, you will want to ensure that you use what time you have wisely. This includes making sure that you use the correct revision materials. As time goes on, the curriculum changes and updates. So you will need to ensure that the resources you choose are both up to date and accurate. Especially as we approach the 2022 exam season for GCSEs. To help you in your journey for excellent, high-quality, and up-to-date revision materials. We want to inform you about GCSE Maths revision cards.

The GCSE Maths revision cards come in 2 types, these are:

  • Lower level revision cards

  • Higher-level revision cards

Covering both types of GCSE Maths exams

The revision cards are an excellent way to revise. They were created around the newest GCSE Maths curriculum. Containing everything that is in the curriculum. So anything that could appear on the exam will appear in the cards. The cards work by breaking down individual topics. Providing clear explanations on the methodologies and formulas regarding the topic. This explanation will be accompanied by working examples. Which will clearly demonstrate how to answer questions based on the topic. Once you have gained an understanding of the said topic, you can then turn the cards over. On the back will be practice questions that you can work through. Accompanied by an answer book that will explain how the marks will be awarded for each question. Clearly demonstrating how you can get the most marks out of each question.

The topics covered by the cards include:

  • Algebra

  • Graphs

  • Ratio and Proportion

  • Geometry and Measure

  • Pythagoras and Trigonometry

  • Probability and Statistics


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