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GCSE English Equivalency test past paers

Here at York Maths Tutor, we ensure you are prepared for your English equivalency exam.

We offer multiple resources to help you pass your exam, these include professional tutors and giving you access to previous test papers which would show you what the exam would be like. These resources are essential in order to pass the English equivalency exam. York Maths Tutor, we highly recommend the past papers we offer, as they also come with a mark scheme, this allows you to see what the examiners are looking for, this is an insight that only the past papers and our tutors could offer you.

Our tutors will give you professional help with your preparation for the GCSE English equivalency practice papers and will give you an insight into how to do well for the exam. The only requirement needed(for most learners) to get onto the prospective training course is a level 4. Once your tutor has worked with you, they will advise you to start doing the practise papers which can be accessed by clicking the following link GCSE English equivalency practice papers . This link will allow you to download or view the papers and mark schemes we offer.

For help with your English equivalency exam, contact York Maths Tutor.


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