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Teacher Assessed Grades 2021

People are getting a teacher assessed grade as their final GCSE grade since the 2021 summer GCSE exams have been cancelled. This qualification is important since it is required when applying for A levels, University and employment. If you are a student in school or college, you will obtain a teacher assessed grade. But if you are homeschooled, are not in mainstream school, an adult learner or an external candidate, it is certain how you will obtain a GCSE grade. This should help you understand about teacher assessed grades and alternative qualifications that you can take.

Teacher assessed grades for those in schools and colleges

For you to get the best result from this situation, you will need to do your best in the mock exams and ongoing work you have. You are able to support your teacher assessed grade by taking external controlled assessments that are basically like mock exams. The results of the assessments will be submitted to your school or college to help with your grade. MME is a service that is providing controlled assessments for GCSE maths exams.

GCSE Exams and GCSE resits

There is still the option to take the November 2021 resit GCSE exams and the iGCSE qualifications are still going ahead. To obtain an iGCSE qualification, you need to book as an external student which you do through MME by calling them on 020 3633 5145. You can visit the GCSE maths retake page to get more information about the November 2021 GCSE resit exams.

Teacher assessed grades for external candidates

For people who are an adult learner, outside of full time education and homeschooled, it isn’t certain how you will obtain teacher assessed grades for this summer. Due to this, MME and GCSE examiners are working to help provide a series of assessments that will enable external candidates to obtain a teacher assessed grades, so a GCSE grade. The dedicated page, GCSE maths controlled assessment, will help you book the assessments.

Alternatives to GCSE exams and teacher assessed grades

Instead of the GCSE exam qualifications, there are alternatives that you can take. You will notice when applying for specific jobs or University that there is a phrase that is generally used. The phrase is ‘Give your GCSE or GCSE equivalent qualifications‘. GCSE equivalent qualifications are also called functional skills which are accepted by many establishments such as Universities and employers. The four links that have been provided below will explain more about the level 2 functional skills qualifications:

Nurses and Trainee Teachers

If you are looking at nursing or teacher training courses, GCSE equivalency test results are preferred over functional skills by SCITT’s and most training providers. Even though this qualification is preferred by most, you want to check with the course provider or employer before booking the equivalency test since they are not universally accepted.


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