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Online Functional Skills Maths

Online Functional Skills Maths Introduction

Conducting exams online has rapidly taken over due to its convenient and easily accessible way to sit an exam. The effect of the pandemic has changed the way learners take exams and the way many educational providers and Universities conduct exams. Online exams have always been popular and due the pandemics effects there has been a big shift towards online exam taking. You can now obtain all the material needed to complete a functional skills maths qualification, for both level 1 and level 2 .

Online Functional Skills Maths Revision

Learners can access essential revision material needed from online courses to functional skills maths level 2 past papers. Here at York Maths Tutor we have online courses available to all skills levels, including both level 1 and level 2 maths. As a bonus to this we have past papers as well as additional resources such as our pre-assessment. The pre-assessment allows you to progress through a series of questions, almost like exam style questions that highlight key areas of improvement for you to work on. Some people prefer having a physical copy to revise from, we have always got products that you can order straight to your home, such as exam papers, revision cards and revision guides. When you have done your revision and feel confident and prepared to pass the exam, then you can book it and take it from home.

Online Functional Skills Maths Exam

You can arrange and take your functional skills maths exam online! One of the first and most well-known suppliers of Ofqual-approved online functional skills math examinations was York Maths Tutor. You can take the level 2 and level 1 online maths exams from the convenience of your own home with online invigilation. The level 2 certificate is quite popular since it allows you to proceed to the next level and is similar to a GCSE grade C/level 4.


Will this qualification be accepted by my university?

Most universities look for a GCSE or comparable qualification throughout the application process; the most common recognised GCSE equivalent is a Functional skills maths level 2 qualification.

Are online examinations secure?

Yes, taking tests online rather than on paper is a safer option. The exam invigilators who use remote invigilation are highly qualified and ensure that the exam requirements are followed while remaining extremely watchful throughout the exam.

Are online examinations secure?

Online tests are completely secure, and invigilators ensure that all rules are followed at all times.

Is there a difference between an online exam and a paper-based exam?

Yes, there is no difference in qualification; because that information is unnecessary, your certificate will not state that it was achieved online. The fact that you have acquired the qualification is all that matters.

Is it true that the online math tests are official?

Yes, the online maths exams are regulated by Ofqual, which means they are officially recognised by the UK government.

If I pass, will I get a hard copy of the certificate?

Yes, we provide both a digital and a paper copy of the certificate, which is mailed to your home address.

Do I need to know how to use computers and have particular software?

You can take the exam without any extra software or computer experience as long as you can work the mouse and keyboard.


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