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Maths GCSE Equivalency Test

York Maths Tutors provide one to one sessions that will help cover all of the topics for the GCSE equivalency tests. The GCSE maths equivalency tests are provided by MME if you are preparing for the exams. They also provide English and science GCSE equivalency tests.

People that are trying to gain access to either teacher training courses or nursing courses but need a GCSE maths qualification then maths equivalency test are flexible and easier to take over a standard GCSE exam. This qualification is better since there isn’t a restriction on when you can sit the exam. The UK government sets the curriculum for all of the equivalency tests and provides specifications for them.

Exam Booking

The maths GCSE equivalency test can be booked in two ways. The first is online or you can call MME and they will book the equivalency exam for you.

If you need help revising for the maths equivalency exam then the maths equivalency test practice papers are useful materials since they use exam style questions. If you book your mock paper through MME, your exam will come to your front door via Royal Mail. Once you have got the papers, you should try and sit it before looking at the mark scheme.


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