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GCSE Maths Questions

At York Maths Tutor, we pride ourselves on providing support for all our students. One of the subjects we provide help with is GCSE maths, which is what we’ll be discussing today. It’s important before you start your revision that you have the best resources to use, such as practice questions and past papers. When given the maths resources a lot of students will lean towards using past papers first, but this should be avoided as past papers tend to be the most difficult so they are not the best place to start. A better place to start is with topic questions, we highly recommend MME questions by topic.

When you have sorted out the right GCSE maths questions for you, the next step is to get into a routine. Getting into a good routine will really help with doing effective revision, an example of this revolves around correcting mistakes. When you’ve finished a set of questions, use the mark scheme to go through all your answers and highlight any mistakes. Some students prefer to ask their tutor to mark their questions and then provide feedback. After either option, collect all corrections and write them up to create a short summary. As you add to the list you should be able to identify areas that need work.

Once you’ve finished the practice questions and have gone over any weaker areas, you can move on to GCSE maths past papers. You can use these in the same way as the practice questions, always ensure you correct your mistakes. On completion of the past papers you should feel more prepared for your exams. For extra support, please contact York Maths Tutor today.


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