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GCSE Maths Past Papers

At York Maths Tutors, we want to ensure that you know and understand the different Maths revision materials that are available to you. With there being such a large variety, it may be difficult to find resources that best suit your revision style, as well as the specific exam you are taking. One of the most notorious is the GCSE Maths exam, both hated and loved by students of all ages. When looking into the different revision materials, it can be a challenge to choose which would be best. So today, we will be going over a particularly excellent revision material, called the GCSE Maths past papers.

These GCSE Maths past papers offered by MME are a large collection of papers used in the past. From a variety of different exam boards, including:

So you can make sure that the papers you end up choosing will be relevant to the exam board you are taking the exam with.

The GCSE Maths past papers are used by going through the process of taking a past paper and making it using the provided marking scheme. Before looking at the results and seeing exactly what areas you are struggling in. Using this information, you will then focus your revision time on these specific areas. Once you are more confident in your skills, take another past paper. Continue going through this process as the exam date gets closer. By doing this, you will be able to see clear improvements in your understanding of the different subjects.


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