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GCSE Maths for Adults

Here at York Maths Tutor, we understand how important education and qualifications are, even with adult learners. This is why we support GCSE maths for adults and have a dedicated tutoring service to help those who are in need. GCSE maths is a tough subject which requires plenty of aid and time to be successful, this is why we have created the following list to show what are some key areas.

  1. Find the best maths adult course- The courses that are the right fit for you may not be the same for others. Make sure you research the ins and outs of that course to see if it will fit your lifestyle.

  2. Revisit the basics- If it is your first time in a while, or entirely, starting with the basics sets the foundations perfectly for the tricker subjects as many methods can be carried over and it will give you the motivation to succeed with basics.

  3. Get into a healthy routine- Having a good routine has proved highly effective with previous learners, this most commonly includes having a revision schedule which is challenging but realistic. This helps with setting goals also.

  4. Use online resources- There are many helpful resources online including free GCSE courses that prove most useful. These resources can range from quick quizzes to mock exams which give a great insight into how the exam will be worded and formatted. We always recommend that you feel confident before attempting these exams as a bad result may damage morale and motivation.

If you’re looking for any advice, support or a tutor to help you with your studies please feel free to contact our support team right away. We are always happy to help.


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