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GCSE English Equivalency Test

York Maths Tutors are closely working with MME to provide you with the English GCSE Equivalency test to help you gain access to higher education and expand your job opportunities. Our GCSE Equivalency tests are regularly taken by trainee teachers to help them gain access onto teacher training courses to enable them to fully qualify to work as a qualified teacher in the UK.

At MME, they provide you with all the resources you need so you are easily able to revise and pass the English GCSE Equivalency exam. Included in the course is access to the revision course online, 3 Practice papers with the mark schemes, 2 mock papers which are professionally marked and a set of GCSE English revision cards.

With all these resources MME gives you the best chance of passing your exams. Our professionally marked mock exams, when sat under exam conditions and getting them marked, will provide invaluable feedback to help you improve your English skills and give you a better understanding of how to pass our English GCSE equivalency exam.

Once you are ready, MME will help you with booking your test. The exam can be done in the comfort of your own home over a video call using a laptop or computer with a webcam and will be invigilated by an Ofqual approved invigilator. Upon choosing your exam provider it can last from 1.5 hours up to 2 hours and once completed your results will be emailed to you up to 2 weeks.


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