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Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Practice Tests PDF

Here we will be explaining the different resources that we offer to help prepare those who will be taking the Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Online Exam (which will be Ofqual regulated). It is worth noting that other resources from different exam boards are also useful, however please remember that the maths qualification was reformed in 2019. So old papers before then are not going to be useful.

What we will be covering:

  • Past Papers (Our most popular resource!)

  • Practice Papers

  • Pre-Assessments

Functional Skills Past Papers are by far our most popular resource. For your convenience, we offer this resource online so there's no need for printing or waiting for delivery (Please note that the online practice paper will not store your answers!). We also provide a marking scheme video for you to mark your practice papers. This will let you see where you went wrong, and how to improve.

20 Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Practice Papers are a close second. They are formatted the same way as the exam, ensuring that you are ready for the real thing. We also will deliver these to your door, so there is no need to worry about printing or using a computer. We will also provide a marking scheme with the papers to check your work, helping to further improve your skills by showing what your strengths/weaknesses are.

Pre-Assessments are Functional Skills Maths practice tests. Created with the purpose of showing you what your weakest/strongest topics are. Which will help optimise revision time by focusing on the correct topics. Ensuring that you are well prepared for your exam.


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