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Functional Skills Level 2

At the York Maths Tutors, it is our goal to ensure that you are informed about everything regarding Functional Skills. As knowing about it will be key for you to pass your exams. Today we will be going over a very basic aspect of Functional Skills, that being what Functional Skills Level 2 is.

In essence, it is the type of qualification that you will be signing up for if you want to get a GCSE equivalent qualification. It is the equivalent to a PASS grade, which is a grade C or 4, in either Maths or English. The qualification itself is Ofqual approved, so is guaranteed to be widely accepted by both higher education providers, and job providers.

You would benefit from taking the Functional Skills Level 2 exam over the GCSE one, mainly as most of the education and job providers will be looking for a C. So there is no need to waste time and money on trying to get a higher grade. Especially when trying to retake your GCSE can take up to 2 years, and the exams can only be sat 2 times in a year. Meanwhile, Functional Skills is a lot more flexible. It can be taken all year round and can take just a few days in some cases for you to receive your qualification (if you pass your exams of course!).

Alongside informing you about Functional Skills Level 2, we also wish to inform you about the different resources available to help you pass. These been:

Both are provided by Pass Functional Skills, who provide the exam itself. So they will be the best resources you could possibly get!


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