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Functional Skills English Level 2

Functional Skills English Level 2 qualification acts as a GCSE Equivalent Qualification which is accepted by employers and is often needed to access higher education.

We work with MME who offer online functional skills exams which can be done at home on any day, Monday to Saturday, taking 2 hours.

Using a laptop or computer with a webcam, you will be sent a link. This exam must then be done within 5 working days. The results will then be emailed to you in up to 16 working days. A certificate will then be sent out within 3 weeks, subject to passing.

Most course providers accept the Functional Skills Level 2 English Online Exam as it provides you with a GCSE grade C/ Level 4. With a whole course price starting at £225, MME is the cheapest online exam provider. The course includes access to resources to help you revise as well as the exam booking, and the Functional skills English Level 2 practice papers. Past papers are also provided for free on MME’s website, where there are also model solutions for all of the Functional Skills English Level 2 Past Papers questions to help you understand the answers.

MME also offers Mock Exams online to help you revise. There are a number of Functional skills English Level 2 practice papers that MME provides from multiple sources. The papers have been curated by the content team at MME to help and give you the best chance of passing the exam.

For more information or to book, give MME team a call on 020 3633 5145 or visit their website

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