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Functional Skills Courses

Here at the York Maths Tutor company, we aim to ensure that you are fully prepared for your Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exams. While our main method of this is through the use of our tutoring services. We also assist through the use of information regarding reliable and up-to-date revision resources. The resource in question for today is the functional skills courses. Pass Functional Skills offers courses in both Maths and English for Level 2 Functional Skills. Out of all of the resources they offer, the courses are the most popular, as well as the most thorough in teaching you everything you need to know before your exams.

The courses are based entirely on the curriculums, Ensuring that everything that could appear in the exam, is covered in the courses. The way the courses delivered this information is through the use of several different resources. Helping to ensure that your revision experience is as thorough as possible. These revision resources include


Used to find out what level your knowledge of the different topics is. Helping to focus your revision on the parts that you struggle the most with.

Video Tutorials

Going through each step of a problem, and explaining the process of solving it. Demonstrating how to do so at the same time.

Practice Questions

A variety of practice questions on each topic. The difficulty of the questions ranged from easy, to medium, to hard.

Exam Questions

These questions are different from those of the practice questions. As these ones are based on the questions that will appear in the exam


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