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Numeracy Skills Test

The numeracy skills test is something which aspiring teachers have to pass in order to progress with their teacher training and gain qualified teacher status. It is a test that many find difficult and often require some help in order to pass.

The numeracy skills test is made up of 28 questions, 12 of which are mental arithmetic and 16 that are written data. Then mental arithmetic questions require candidates to answer each question within 18 seconds of the second repeat of the question, failure to do so will result in no mark. It is this time constraint that most people find very difficult.The second section is made up of 16 data and graph questions and is much more knowledge based. You can use a calculator in the second section so it is more about knowing the methods and the different topics as opposed to quick maths that is required in the first section.

When preparing for the professional numeracy skills test it is really important that people access the right help. Most begin by purchasing a numeracy skill test book, which is not a bad place to start but you will require more practise in the same format as the exam in order to be ready for the test. Accessing the best free numeracy skills test is a good idea.

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