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GCSE Maths 9-2 Factorising Quadratics

York Maths Tutor is a leading provider of GCSE Maths tuition in York. As part of our GCSE Maths blog series we are analysing each area of the GCSE Maths course to see how it has changed from the previous specification and what sort of questions now regularly appear. This week we are looking at factorising quadratic equation questions as quadratics generally have been and still are a large part of all of the GCSE Maths specifications. As part of the new GCSE Maths exams and specimen papers we have seen factorising quadratics appear in all sorts of contexts from inequalities which first have to be rearranged and then factorised to the classic solving of a quadratic equation using the factorising method. Factorising quadratics also play an important role in algebraic fraction questions as these often require students to factorise either a numerator or denominator before going on to simplify the expression. It is important that students have the fundamentals nailed in terms of basic algebra rules before moving onto factoring quadratics and then further onto the more applied questions.

At York Maths Tutor we always ensure our pupils have covered the basics and are confident with them before we move on to the next topic. Often in schools children who are quiet or don’t make a fuss get left behind on certain topics if they miss a crucial bit of info or don’t fully understand it which then leads to issues in other topics as a lot of the GCSE Maths course is interlinked and requires a good understanding of all the basic concepts. Whether it is factorising quadratics that your child is struggling on or any other part of the GCSE Maths course, or GCSE Maths tutors in York can help. Contact us today for more information.

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