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GCSE Maths 9-1 Density Mass and Volume

At York Maths Tutor we are working through the GCSE Maths syllabus picking out key topics to cover. This week we are looking at density, mass and volume questions. This is a reasonably small topic area of the GCSE Maths specifications but an important one as it has a big cross over with GCSE Physics and also the question types that come up link in well with a number of other topics and question types.

The Density formula, Density equals Mass divided by Volume isn’t one you have to remember, it will be given at the start of the question making this question type easy to spot which is often half the battle with the new GCSE Maths 9-1 course. Many students find the density topic tricky due to the unit conversions that almost always come up in the new AQA, Edexcel and OCR GCSE Maths specimen papers. Watch out for the questions presenting the units in the wrong form which means you have to convert them first before completing the calculation. The density questions are usually worth two marks which students of all abilities should be looking to pick up.

At York Maths tutor We always look to help our pupils succeed in every area of the GCSE Maths syllabus and alongside the expert GCSE Maths resources we recommend we also offer our exceptional GCSE Maths tutors in York who all have an in depth knowledge of each topic area of the GCSE Maths 9-1 course and a passion for helping students progress with Maths.

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