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Completing the Square GCSE Maths 9-1 Course

York Maths Tutor is currently covering all the GCSE Maths topics that students find tricky and highlighting ways to overcome them as well as directing students and tutors to the very best resources.

This week we are looking at completing the square a topic that students have struggled with for years but fortunately there hasn’t been too many questions appear in the past papers over the years. However, with the new specification, they are certainly putting more focus on question types where students struggle and completing the square qualifies as one of those topics. There is also a range of difficulties with completing the square from those where there is no coefficient in front of the x2 to those where there is an odd number in front of the x2. To get better at completing the square firstly students need to be shown the correct methods and often in schools this isn’t always done very well, not with this topic for some reason. Once you know the topic then practice makes perfect and you need to try applying the method to different completing the square questions. At Maths Made Easy you can find the most comprehensive selection of completing the square worksheets, revision notes and practice questions.

For those students who need some additional support to either pass or achieve the higher levels 8 and 9, then York Maths Tutor is here to provide the very best one to one Maths tuition. If you are searching for a GCSE Maths tutor in York, then contact us today for more information on the service we provide in the York area.

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