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Numeracy Skills Test Video Solutions

York Maths Tutor is a specialist tutoring agency based in York that focuses solely on Maths tuition from KS2 up to A Level as well as Numeracy Skills Tuition. As part of our mission to share exceptional resources each week with our students we have been looking at GCSE Maths revision materials, well this week we are taking a break to share the best numeracy skills revision videos available.

The QTS Maths Test is something which prospective teachers have to pass in order to enter their initial teacher training programmes and eventually achieve qualified teacher status. Many people start their revision process for the professional numeracy skills tests by purchasing a numeracy skills revision book before going onto practice the department for educations practice qts maths tests. Well one provider of QTS practice tests have gone to the trouble of making video solutions for all the government tests as well as their own free QTS Maths test. The following is a list of those videos which you can watch directly by clicking on the play buttons below.

The government’s numeracy skills test 1

The government QTS numeracy test 2

The Department for Education numeracy skills test 3

The professional numeracy skills test 4

QTS Maths Tutor’s free numeracy skills test model solutions

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