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The Numeracy Skills Test

The professional numeracy skills test is an exam that all prospective teachers in England have to pass in order to become a qualified teacher. Many underestimate the difficulty of the test and leave it until the last minute to start revising and feel fine in the knowledge that they have three attempts. However, many struggle and in some cases end up failing the test 3 times and are then locked out for two years with their future career on hold. This can be avoided by effective preparation.

At York Maths Tutor we offer expert tuition for the professional numeracy skills test. As we are partnered with the leading provider of numeracy skills tests and tuition, QTS Maths Tutor, we can also offer our students access to the best numeracy skills practice tests online and other resources alongside our in-person tuition.

A good measure of your readiness to sit your actual numeracy skills test is to see what scores you are achieving on the practice tests. Now although the numeracy skills test pass mark varies from test to test depending on difficulty, the average reported pass mark is around 18 out of 28 or 63%. What we have found is that if you can achieve 18 or more on three of the QTS Maths tutor practice tests then you can be extremely confident of going in to your actual exam and achieving the pass mark.

If you are revising for your professional numeracy skills test and want some professional help, then contact York Maths Tutor today.

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