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At York Maths Tutor we specialise in all things Maths! Our expert Maths tutors in York are all qualified, background checked and we also check out their credentials before they start tutoring. Because all of our attention is on teaching Maths we believe that we can offer the best possible tuition. Our GCSE and A Level students go on to surpass their predicted grades in the vast majority of cases. Our Maths tutors in York simplify complex algebra and make surds a topic that students don't mind doing. With a tailored approach to our Maths tuition we ensure that each and every pupil has a work programme designed that aims to maximise the progress made inside and outside of our lessons. Whether your child is looking to achieve a level 5 in the new GCSE Maths exams, or an A* in A Level further Maths, our expert Maths tutors in York can help. For more information on the Maths tuition we provide or to enquire about the Maths tutors we have from KS2 up to A Level get in touch today. We respond to all emails within 24 hours and we are available to take calls 7 days a week. If you don't get through on the phone then please leave a message and we will get back to you within a matter of hours. At York Maths Tutor your child can reach their potential and really enjoy the challenges that Maths presents.

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