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A Level Maths and A Level Maths Tutors

The new A Level Maths course is more challenging than the previous one and as a result more and more people are requesting A Level Maths tutors in York. Our team of A Level Maths tutors in York have the knowledge and experience to help all of our pupils succeed. With in depth knowledge of core maths, statistics and mechanics our A Level Maths tutors can help A Level students with their optional modules as well as core 1-4 and help students now starting the new A Level which was the last subject to be reformed. Because of the reforms to the curriculum we are seeing many more requests for A Level Maths tuition and one reason for this is due to a lack of expertise in many local schools. It is no secret that nationally there is a huge shortage of Maths teachers, especially those who can teach to the required level and as a result many Maths lessons are being led by teachers who struggle to deliver the content to the required level. Also with the new A Level Maths specification including both Statistics and mechanics some teachers will need time to train and learn the new content as many schools have stuck to what they know for the last 20 years so where they were selecting optional modules such as statistics they would select this every year and the teachers may never have had to the opportunity to cover mechanics or vice versa.

At York Maths Tutor we are here to help any student who requires support with their A Level Maths for whatever reason. Our A Level Maths tutors in York know both mechanics and statistics part of the new course in depth and are comfortable teaching all of the optional modules for the current A Level including decision. If you are looking for a Maths tutor in York, think York Maths Tutor!

The York Maths Tutor blog helps to keep students, parents and tutors updated with changes to the Maths curriculum as well as the York Maths Tutor service

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