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The New A Level Maths Course

This year the A Level Maths syllabus changed considerably. There have been reforms in the past but this set of changes has seen the biggest shift in recent times. The old modular system which schools have adapted to has been scrapped and as a result it will leave many schools with a skills shortage as with the previous A Level Maths specification schools could select optional modules with many sticking to the strengths they had in the department, for instance just covering mechanics 1 and 2 alongside core Maths or possibly just sticking to statistics with core. The new course ensures that everyone will now cover core, statistics and mechanics in their main exams but will also have an optional module. The consequences of that is schools will now have mechanics teachers delivering statistics lesson and vice versa. We think this is one of the reasons why we have seen a recent upsurge in A Level Maths tuition requests because the course is new people are unsure about how it should be delivered.

At York Maths Tutor we have some of the best A Level Maths tutors in York who know the new A Level Maths specifications inside out. All of our A Level Maths tutors are qualified and experienced and have worked hard over the summer to get up to speed with the changes in a way which will enable them to deliver the best one to one Maths tuition in York. Hard work topped up with an enthusiasm means that our A Level Maths tutors have the passion and desire to make a real difference to each and every student that use our service. If you are searching for an A Level Maths tutor in York contact York Maths Tutor today and we will be more than happy to discuss what support you need and how our tuition works.

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