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A Level Maths

2017 is the transition from the old A Level Maths course to the new one which is being taught in September. Whilst our focus is now on this year's A Level Maths exams we are all ready working on next year's content to make sure that York Maths Tutor has the best prepared A Level Maths Tutors in York. From differentiation to integration the new A Level Maths course will still have the classic calculus topics; however the new course will have a different structure. The current A Level Maths curriculum stipulates you must take 6 modules, 4 core Maths modules and 2 out of a number of optional modules which include mechanics, statistics and decision Maths. The new A Level Maths course will have a wider range of compulsory topics meaning that students across the country will sit more similar exams regardless of exam board. There will also be a transition to the 2 year course where all 3 A Level Maths exams are sat at the end of year 13. At York Maths Tutor we are committed to helping all of our A Level Maths students succeed which is why we only offer the best A Level Maths tutors in York to provide the tuition we know that works.

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