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Numeracy Skills Tests and Practise Tests Live!

York Maths Tutor is one of the partners of QTS Maths Tutor, a site dedicated to helping soon to be teachers prepare for the numeracy skills test. The numeracy skills test is an exam that prospective teachers must take and pass in order to gain the qualified teacher status which is mandatory in order to provide primary and secondary education in state schools in England and Wales. There are many people who take this test every year and are unaware of the challenges that it presents. From ratio to percentages to box plots and averages, there are many of the classic GCSE Maths topics covered within the test but they are covered in a slightly different way to what most people will be used to. What we mean by this is the exam itself, it is composed of 28 questions all sat under exam conditions with the first 12 being mental arithmetic questions, with no use of a calculator allowed and around 18 seconds to answer a question which is read out, yes! it isn't even written down for you to read! This poses a challenge that many find quite difficult at first as the methods used to solve percentages and ratio's and such sometimes have to be adapted to be able to answer the question in time. It is the exam format along with people's fears of Maths that make the test a little tricky. This is highlighted in the recent years pass rates which have seen a dramatic fall since the government made the test a little more difficult a few years back. We have therefore partnered up with QTS Maths Tutor to give our students access to their free practise test which can be accessed via, FREE NUMERACY SKILLS PRACTISE TEST. For those looking for professional tuition or a QTS Maths Tutor, contact York Maths Tutor directly.

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