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Numeracy Skills Tests

The numeracy skills test is an exam that is sat by people who want to gain qualified teacher status that is required in order to teach in any state run educational institution. It is a test which is commissioned by the government and has been implemented to ensure that all teachers meet a minimum standard of numeracy prior to entering their formal teacher training. The QTS Maths test contains aspects of the GCSE Maths syllabus but is an exam sat under strict timed conditions with a mental arithmetic section and then a timed written section which are quite different to any maths exam that many will be use to sitting. The numeracy skills test is more comparable to graduate scheme selection tests as opposed to anything seen in a GCSE Maths exam although the topics and content are similar, so candidates will be expected to know their percentages, fractions, ratio’s and box plots. For many people it is knowing what to expect and getting sharp on the different question types that appear. For this reason we recommend a numeracy skills testing site, QTS Maths Tutor, for practise tests which complement our tuition very well.

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