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QTS Maths Feedback

At York Maths Tutor we have recently received a greater number of requests for QTS Maths tuition. This is an area that we have really started to specialise in as we have had some excellent success with each and every candidate. We have uploaded a sample of feedback from a recent tutee who passed the numeracy skills test last month. This student in particular stands out as they had struggled so much with the test prior to receiving tuition that they ended up failing all three attempts; thus having to wait another two years before being able to take the test again. As well as having expert numeracy skills tutors we are also working alongside other agencies to help develop new practise tests that will help people more effectively prepare for the exam as the current selection of exam resources are inadequate in providing a real feel for what the test is actually like. Keep visiting York Maths Tutor for further updates with regards to the numeracy skills testing materials.

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