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GCSE Maths Formula Sheet

Over the past few months we have published a number of blogs relating to the GCSE Maths curriculum and grading changes that have taken place this year. In this blog we are looking at more specific changes with the formula sheet. In previous years GCSE Maths students would have been provided with a formula sheet in all of their Maths exams, this contained formulas for area and volumes of a number of shapes as well as the Sine and Cosine rules and the quadratic formula. However there will no longer be a GCSE Maths formula sheet and candidates this year will have to memorise more than 20 additional formulas in order to successfully attempt all of the questions on the papers. York Maths Tutor top tip is to collate all of the formulas from every topic (there should be more than 50!) as you go through the year and periodically go over them and try to memorise them before putting this in to practise with exam style questions.

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