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GCSE Maths Mocks in York!!!

Many of the York based secondary schools have formal GCSE Maths mocks in December and January which aim to imitate what the real GCSE Maths exam will be like. The great thing about this is that it gives students some valuable experience of the exam style questions and helps them to get use to the whole exam environment and build up. The disadvantages of having mock exams, especially as early as December, is that it doesn't give student an adequate amount of time to prepare and often they get results that do not reflect their ability or their likely outcome in their final GCSE Maths exams. This can sometimes knock a student's confidence, causing them to put less effort in or it may spur them on to work a little harder to get the result they want. Regardless of the result, York Maths Tutor believes that GCSE Maths mock exams provide an opportunity to practise an effective exam preparation which can then be tweaked and improved upon on the run up to the final GCSE Maths exams in spring. Our pupils benefit from the input of experienced GCSE Maths tutors who know how to effectively prepare for exams and understand which revision methods work and which are simply a poor use of time. Whether you are looking for support for GCSE Maths mocks, or just a Maths tutor in general, ensure you contact York Maths Tutor as we will be happy to help.

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