Why is Maths important?

The obvious answer is that all qualifications are important and there is special focus given to Maths, English and Science. So why is Maths so important, we have all heard students say things like 'I will never need to use it again' and 'We have calculators and computers now so whats the point'. York Maths Tutor will try to explain through the following points:

1. Employment - GCSE Maths and English are seen as a gold standard to many employers from child care to nursing to further education, you need these qualifications to even be considered by many employers.

2. Skills - Employers look for a grade C in Maths as a minimum as it demonstrates that the individual has a set of skills. They must have a certain level of problem solving ability, and analytical and comprehension skills. These are all skills that are transferable to so many things. When a new student asks that question 'when will I ever need Maths when I leave school' our York Maths Tutors answer with a number of responses, usually highlighting something the student can relate to, from making money in stocks and shares to ho expensive car insurance is to how Google positions a website, to how computer games are programmed. All of these contain elements of Maths that are fundamental to them operating.

3. Confidence - Proving to yourself and others that you can pass your Maths GCSE or be successful at A Level Maths can be a real confidence boost. Our York Maths tutors often report a change in a student after they have had Maths tuition, sat a progress test and have seen the impact it can have. This confidence then motivates the student to put even more effort in and achieve more.

There are many reasons why Maths is such an important subject. Maths tuition can be a really effective way to help support a students learning journey. If you are looking for a Maths tutor in York, Contact us today.

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