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Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills

Looking for a GCSE maths tutor based around York and the surrounding areas? Look no further than York Maths Tutors! We provide excellent tutoring services for Maths, English and Science related subjects, all of our teachers are highly experienced and provide one on one tutoring, giving the learner all the assistance and materials they need for achieving their desired grades.

QTLS introduction

QTLS is a universal badge that recognizes the holder has proved they have the ability to teach at a professional standard. By achieving this, you gain immense help with your career progression in the educational or training sector by showing that you have literacy and numeracy skills to at least level 2, thanks to the evidence of the QTLS badge itself.

Is QTLS the same as QTS?

QTLS status is recognised as having parity with QTS for teaching in schools, SET and their corporate partners are the only bodies who offer a QTLS status.

How do I achieve QTLS?

You must first achieve your Maths and English qualifications at a minimum grade of Grade C and above or have your functional skills at level 2.

Can you teach in schools with QTLS?

If you’re a SET member who holds QTLS status you can work in schools.


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