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Free Functional Skills Diagnostic Assessment

At York Maths Tutors, our primary goal is to ensure that you are fully prepared for your Maths exam. For many, this exam would be the GCSE Maths one since it is more well known for that level of qualification. However, we do also offer tutoring and services in regards to Functional Skills Level 2 Maths exams as well. This is a GCSE equivalent to a passing grade in Maths. The services we offer in regard to the FS Maths exams also include the recommendation of different tools and resources, all of which were checked for quality and accuracy.

One such tool that the York Maths tutors would highly recommend would be Pass Functional Skill’s functional skills diagnostic assessment. This is a short test that comes in both Maths and English, testing your knowledge against the FS curriculum. It is designed to determine what level of knowledge the learner has in the subject. Allowing the learner or education provider the opportunity to see if the learner would benefit from taking the easier Level 1 exam over Level 2.

A secondary benefit is that the functional skills diagnostic assessment also shows the learner a clear path of progression. This is done by the learner taking the test at regular intervals throughout their revision. The results of these tests can then be compiled to show clearly how the learner has improved as time goes on. As well as helping to point out any areas that the learner still struggles with.

If you wish to find out more about the functional skills diagnostic tests for maths and English, find out what other tools there are or to receive tutoring. Then don’t hesitate and contact the York Maths Tutors today.


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