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Numeracy Skills Test Changes

This week we have seen a huge change to the professional numeracy skills test. At York Maths Tutor we try to keep our website users updated with the changes to the numeracy skills test but also what the best resources are out there. This week the government minister for education, Nick Gibb, announced that there will be no more lock out period for the qts numeracy test. He introduced the lock out period back in 2012 to stop people retaking the professional qts skills tests over and over again but he has now reversed this to open the door to thousands of more prospective teachers. The change comes as the government look to drive up teacher recruitment which is at dangerously low levels leading to a staffing shortage in many schools, especially in Maths and Physics where other incentives are also being used to attract more people into the profession. This change has been welcomed by some in the education sector who think the numeracy skills test is too difficult to do under timed conditions and that the lock out period added to that pressure causing more people to fail. Others have suggested that the government are lowering standards simply to fill vacant teacher positions. Whatever the reasoning behind it there will be widespread relief for those who are preparing for their professional skills tests but also joy to those who have been locked out and will now even receive a refund for any retakes after the 24th of October 2017.

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