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The Numeracy Skills Test

The QTS Skills Tests are a troublesome obstacle for many looking to gain qualified teacher status, in particular the numeracy skills test which has a lower percentage of people passing it. The numeracy skills test is made up of two sections, the mental arithmetic section and the written section which is composed of data analysis and graphical questions. The literacy skills test is a little more straight forward for most as it focuses on basic punctuation, grammar and spelling but we advise that anyone looking to gain entry into initial teacher training should take both QTS Skills Tests seriously and really prepare for both exams as you only have 3 attempts at each test before you are locked out for two years. Many people underestimate the difficulty of the QTS Skills Tests especially under the time constraints of the exams. This is most apparent in the mental arithmetic section of the numeracy skills test where you only have 18 seconds to answer after the second repeat of the question and this time pressure catches a lot of people out on the day especially if they haven't had lots and lots of practise. At York Maths Tutor we are affiliated with the largest numeracy skills test and tuition provider in the country, QTS Maths Tutor, who offer the most comprehensive numeracy skills practice tests online.

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