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GCSE Maths Results 2017

The GCSE Maths results day is almost up on us. After this last week with the A Level Maths results being released, we are eagerly anticipating the GCSE Maths results and hope our GCSE pupils achieve the same level of success. The GCSE Maths exam results are even more significant this year with it being the first results since the GCSE Maths reforms. With many changes to the exam format, question type and even grading system it will be interesting to see what marks are awarded and how this translates in to the 9-1 grading system. It is reported that very few students will attain a level 9 as this will be reserved for the highest of marks with less than 5% of pupils achieving this and possibly as few as 1% actually making the grade. We believe we have students this year who will come out with the level 9 grade and we are excited to see how many. We also have students who have really struggled with the content of GCSE Maths but have made excellent progress and should still meet the level 5 required to gain access into all further education courses. We will report next week on the results we have had and the general feedback about how the new GCSE Maths exams have been graded.

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