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February 22, 2020

As the exam season fast approaches, students and tutors are looking for A level maths revision materials and resources, in particular maths exam papers. The issue with the new A level specification the difficulty is finding relevant resources as the new syllabus is qui...

December 31, 2018

The numeracy skills test is something which aspiring teachers have to pass in order to progress with their teacher training and gain qualified teacher status. It is a test that many find difficult and often require some help in order to pass. 

The numeracy skills test i...

October 30, 2016

At York Maths Tutor we select a different GCSE Maths topic each month to look at in more detail and discuss the types of issues that students struggle with. This month's topic is standard index form or sometimes just called standard form.

We see many Maths students bein...

October 24, 2016

York Maths Tutor is a premium tutoring service based in York. We have experienced and qualified Maths tutors at the following levels:

KS2 Maths

KS3 Maths

GCSE Maths

A Level Maths

At York Maths Tutor we are available 7 days a week to take calls and respond to emails, whether...

October 8, 2016

We have been inundated with Maths tuition request since the start of the new academic year and we are pleased to say that we have so far managed to place all of our students with one of our Maths tutors in York. All of our Maths tutors travel to their students and with...

October 2, 2016

If you are looking for a Maths tutor in York then you are in the right place. York Maths Tutor offers a premium tutoring service to students all across York. Our tutoring service is really straightforward to use, simply call or email our team and they will ask for the...

September 26, 2016

At York Maths Tutor we are introducing 'Topic Of the Month' where by we highlight a certain GCSE Maths topic and discuss the challenges students have and the most common mistakes they make. 

Today's topic is fractions. A key note to remember is that multiplying fraction...

September 16, 2016

The obvious answer is that all qualifications are important and there is special focus given to Maths, English and Science. So why is Maths so important, we have all heard students say things like 'I will never need to use it again' and 'We have calculators and compute...

September 2, 2016

We have added another testimonial from one of our current students that benefits from the Maths tuition we provide all across York. We have also updated our York Maths Tutor Homepage which now includes a video and updated content. We have exciting plans for the York Ma...

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